Biodegradation of Chlorpyrifos by a Marine Bacterium Bacillus Firmus Strain By6 Associated with Branching Coral Acropora Sp.

Agus Sabdono

A bacterium which utilizes chlorpyrifos as a sole source of carbon and energy was isolated
from coral surface. The organism utilized chlorpyrifos up to 25 mg l-1. The lag phase and time for
degradation, however, were severely prolonged at chlorpyrifos concentrations above 10 mg l-1 . The
growth of kinetics of coral bacterium was studied in batch culture. Estimation of maximum growth rates
(μmax), obtained from turbidity measurements, was 0.14 h-1 and half-saturation growth constant (Cs)
was 9.34 mg l-1 chlorpyrifos. This strain demonstrated greatest similarity to members of the order
Bacillales and was closest to members of the Bacillus firmus group.