Protein Separation from fermentation Broth (E. coli) using polyethersulfone UF and MF membranes

Prafulla G Bansod and VS Sapkal

In this paper, the intracellular E.coli fermentation broth was developed in fermentor. The broths were separated using 0.2?m microfiltration polyethersulfone membranes. The Cells of E.coli was retained in microfiltration membrane, were broken in high pressure homogenization. The cells debris and protein were separated using polyethersulfone 0.2?m PES Microfiltration membranes. In microfiltration, cells of E.coli were rejected and proteins collected in permeate sides. After microfiltration, 30KD Ultra filtration membrane was used to separate proteins. About 91.01 % of the proteins were separated by the ultra filtration polyethersulfone membrane.