Wind Tunnel Test Study on Separation Characteristics of Parallel Stages

Xue Fei

Established a supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnel free-flying test technique for separation between parallel stages, solved the problem of separation and unlocking of the free two-stage model of the assembly, and ensured that the relative position and attitude were fixed, when the model is separated. It is fast and effective without interference, and it can simulate the initial separation distance and the separation attitude angle of two models; it solves the problems of dual-optical path illumination and image acquisition technology. And solve the problem of six-degree-of-freedom attitude image recognition technology in two models. Two experimental models are designed by using the light model method and the more feasible and heavier model design method. The results of the two models are compared and analyzed, and the influence of the different model design methods on the test results is obtained. The specific effects of different initial conditions on the separation characteristics were investigated, and concrete conclusions were drawn.